Is This The Journalism Of The Future?

This blog isn’t usually an advertisement but, as I am away for most of the rest of April, here is my chance to promote three short eBooks which I have written, available for download to Kindles or any device with a free Kindle app installed.

I’ve created three property-related eBooks, each quite different but all with original material, to see if this publishing model is better suited to some content than others.

To use the links coming up, you'll have to 'right click' on them.

The first and shortest eBook - and perhaps the most practical - is a Guide For Property Professionals Using Twitter. Actually, it’s the best-selling so far, too.

The second and longest, written by Sarah Eastel and myself, is a guide to Using Your Home As A Film Or TV Location - at 8,000 words it tells you everything from the pros and cons of registering your home on a location website to the amount you are likely to earn from different sort of media hires.

The third and newest is a pull-together of the main research in recent years into the Impact Of Crossrail On London House Prices, with hot-spots identified and research predictions from three different estate agents and consultants.

If you buy one, many thanks - please let me know what you think of it. And if you have ideas for others, fire away.

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