2011 And Beyond - Jackson-Stops & Staff Speaks Up

The Jackson-Stops & Staff estate agency punches below its weight, in media terms. It rarely gives data on the market, has no real 'centre' because it is a franchised operation (or ‘democratic consortium’ as it describes its structure) and employs low-key PR.

It’s hard to believe it has 40 UK offices, is 100 years old, bravely opened three offices during the current downturn and sells homes in six overseas countries. Yet it is relatively rarely quoted in media pieces on the market.

But its prediction for 2011, especially of the country house market, is interesting.

Most of its sales are at the middle- to top-end. Many agents selling in this country sector say what happens in central London (where most agree the market is strong) ripples out to the rest of the UK but Jackson-Stops & Staff takes a more sober view. Its prediction for next year says:

- “It is no longer possible to see what the London market is doing and anticipate the effects rippling out to the country. Properties at all levels are going to be price sensitive”;

- 2011 will begin as a “mover’s market” with demand and supply roughly in balance;

- A small minority of country houses may attract international interest and these may see 5% price rises. “South east England is no longer the only key hot spot” it says, suggesting a few posh areas Wilmslow may see a London-like price surge;

- But most country houses will not enjoy that rise. “There are some regions and sectors of the market which could still see a drop of 10% in the coming year as a result of the austerity measures”.

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